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The Doll Factory Europe S.L is a company based in a traditional and handmade Dolls production, specially design for child and adults occupational training. The high quality of our Dolls made them a perfect learning tool for teaching adults and children.

Since The company was founded by Herrera family in 1993, all our productive processes have been executed in our Company´s installations, in order to be able to control down to the last product detail. Therefore we guarantee a 100% national production with a very high quality.

All start by creating a clay sculpture, the artist make it with form and expresion. After this it´s produce a metal mould, it will be used for assembly – line production of vinyl pieces. We use first class quality raw materials, as the one are used to produce transfusion bags.

The Doll Factory Europe S.L with an international business activity, exports to more than 20 countries and attends to the most important Toy and Childcare Fairs.



The Doll Factory view goes beyond the Doll as a toy:

For Children, the doll play a very important part in their lives, because they give
it a very close, kind and almost human treatment. That is the reason why use a doll with eduactional aim make an impact on Children.

Adults´s case, the doll´s role is a perfect tool in training, in this case is very important to imitate similar features to the real one.(weight, size, hardness, etc.)

Benefits of all these good use are undubitable and we want to offer always the best product to carry out. Our commitment to quality is to the top, our assembly-line production and our quality control is proof of that.

The Doll Factory doesn´t produce conventional toys, we create learning and entertainment.

Education and entertainment

During game, children maximise their attention and that fact give them a better knowledge. That is the reason why we develope a long durabilty dolls, that allow develop this learning process. Besides that, with all this game roles we can teach values, like racial integration and gender equality.

The Doll Factory offers an assortment catalogue, just our society, with different races and sex dolls, specially design for education centres (nurseries and schools), hospitals, or other centres with similar need. By imitating roles, children have fun and develop their affection, responsibility and human manner.


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Adults training

Baby care need a special gently and sensitive treatment. In most professions it is required a specific training that imply a special practical training. During the production we have a real model to take in account the real features like weight, size, hardness, etc.
The Doll Factory produces specially design dolls in order to be used to child birth classes, babies massage classes and nurse training, paying attention to the need to each one of the different practices.

Window dressing

Mannequins are a very real important part on window dressing of several sectors. They are concieve to get a better idea of how the product take in buyers, so that sizes are completely fit to the real ones.
We produce vinyl dolls inspired on real models for child care shops´s window display. Available standard size of 0, 3, 6 , 9 and 18 months.

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