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Education and entertainment

We offer an assortment catalogue with dolls specially conceive for education centres (nurseries and schools), hospitals, or other centres with similar need. By imitating roles, children have fun and develop their affection, responsibility and human manner..


Adults training

We produce specially design dolls in order to be used for child birth classes, babies massage classes and nurse training, paying attention to the need of each one of the different practices.


Window dressing

We produce vinyl dolls inspired by real models for child care shops´s window display. Available standard size of 0, 3, 6 , 9 and 18 months.



Quality and variety close at hand.In our catalogue we offer a large variety of dolls, all organized by categories, in order to find easily the one that adapt to your need. Doll´s description give you all technical argument and the most important information. However, if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Visita nuestro catálogo

En nuestro catálogo te presentamos una gran cantidad de muñecas organizadas por categorías que te permitirá localizar de forma sencilla e intuitiva la que más se ajuste a tus necesidades. En la descripción de cada muñeca encontrarás sus especificaciones técnicas e información más relevante. Aún así, si necesitas saber más no dudes en contactar con nosotros.


The Doll Factory Europe, S.L., were dolls are born

From The Doll Factory Europe, S.L. we bet for the diversity, sustainability and, above all, for the education.   We make dolls for educational purposes (nursery schools, schools, etc.), professional (hospital training, childbirth lessons, first aid) and dolls suitable for window dressing (with real measures and sizes). In short, we do not produce conventional toys, WE CREATE LEARNING…

Preparing the 71th Spielwarenmesse!

One more year we are going to the Spielwarenmesse, the most important Toy Fair worldwide!!! We don’t stop at The Doll Factory as we keep working hard to finish this Christmas campaign we charge our batteries with all our illusion to prepare our attendance to the Fair: Stand, samples, novelties, marketing… Everything has to be…

Safety on Doll Factory Europe dolls (II). OEKO-TEX®

Following the previous article on dolls safety and the EN71 regulations in this article we are going to talk about the OEKO-TEX® certification related to fabrics because The Doll Factory Europe SL dolls are usually sold with clothes and footwear. The OEKO-TEX® certification is an independent and homogeneous testing and verification system worldwide for raw, intermediate and…

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