100% of our productive processes have executed in our Company´s installations, the artist sculpt a clay figure that finally will be a new doll. From this original figure we make a mould that it is used for our production through rotational moulding and injection system. We use airbrush decoration for creating fine lines, we implant hair and also go ahead with pattern design and dressmaking to produce our Clothes lines. Finally we assemble and package each doll in a box and we sent them to our clients. A truly care process which we do with passion in order to meet our clients expectations.



Raw materials make a difference between a mediocre product and safety high-quality product. To produce our dolls we use PVC and vinyl, both materials are used as well to produce transfusion bags and similar sanitary items. For Clothing we use cotton and polyester textiles manipulate by hand. This way combining raw materials, handling and a extremely care process we obtain unic dolls.

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Todos los productos de The Doll Factory son sometidos a un riguroso procedimiento de testeo para garantizar la máxima calidad de los materiales utilizados, los correctos acabados y la absoluta seguridad del producto ofrecido. Incorporamos análisis y certificados propios, además de los exigidos por la legislación vigente.


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