In this article we want to present the reason to be of The Doll Factory Europe. Since our creation in 1993 we are specialists in 100% handmade doll manufacture, especially for children’s education (nursery schools, schools) adult professional training (hospitals, health centers, childbirth preparation, massage or first aid). We try not to manufacture only conventional toys, we create learning and fun.

Our handmade manufacturing and the use of high quality materials are the guarantee seal of our products, besides being submitted to a rigorous test procedure to guarantee the maximum quality of the materials, the correct finishes and the absolute safety of the offered product. . Fragrance free guarantees 0% allergies.

Our ranges of Little Tiny, Tiny Babies, Babylin, Preemie or Newborn dolls cover a wide range of sizes of baby dolls, from 24cm. Up to 52cm.


The Little Tiny dolls of 24cm (9½ inches) are made of white vinyl of the highest quality, reproduce in detail the finishes of the skin, wrinkles, folds, nails … all with great realism and detail. With differences between boy and girl and representing different races. Thanks to its articulations it allows to interact putting it in different positions, lying down, sitting, etc.


The 34cm (13¼ inch) Tiny Babies range is a very suitable size for the little ones, making them very easy to play and learn. Its head and articulated limbs allow a 360º rotation to play to sit down, lie down, dress them, change their diapers, they are dolls with endless possibilities. They are available with and without sex and different races.


The Babylin of 38 cm (15 inches) are dolls That are made to love them, they love to smile and show their big eyes, some of them with sleeping eyes, they are always happy when they play to put them in different postures, sleeping, sitting, getting their feet, with many different options in their hairstyles and costumes, with 4 races available.


The Preemie and Baby Preemie range of 43cm. (17 inches) has more than 23 different models to find and choose the one you like, with or without hair, short hair, long hair, with different expressions, smiling, pouting, asleep, with a pacifier or without a pacifier. Look at their bodies, you can choose between more upright or shrunken postures. The Doll Factory Europe has created a great universe of dolls, care to the maximum detail and manufactured with the highest quality.


Finally comes the Original Newborn range of 52cm (20½ inches) Inspired by real babies, with real measurements and size 0 of standard clothing, created especially for training and window dressing, designed for prepartum classes, baby massages and training of health personnel . The Original Newborn are the most real newborns, you just have to look at their details, their gestures. They are handmade in high quality soft vinyl, their bodies are inflated with air to give them a very soft touch, giving them a great realism, high manageability and resistance.

If you want to know more details about our dolls you can consult our catalogue on the web and contact us through the contact form.